Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)

Variable speed, on-grid/off-grid connection type, equipped with Permanent Magnet Synchroneous Generator (PMSG).
Carbon fibre blades ans struts, aircraft grade aluminium and galvanized steel construction.
Steel tower raised by dual hydraulic rams. Concrete or steel foundation (depending on local conditions).
Sensors: wind speed, RPM, windings temperature, vibration levels.
Automatic start/stop, with fail-safe operation ensured by electromagnetically disengaged disc brake (RINGSPANN, Germany).

Nominal power: 15 kW at wind speed 11 m/s
Nominal speed: 86 RPM
Number of blades: 3
Hub height: 17.0 m
Turbine diameter: 7.0 m
Swept area: 47.3 m2
Cut-in wind speed: 5 m/s
Cut-out wind speed: 22 m/s
Survival speed: 59.5 m/s
Tower diameter: 1.0 m to 0.35 m (tapered)
Approx. weight: 3.5 tons (TBD)